A brief about us, the members of Dasara Live family (eKutumba )

अयं निजः परो वेति गणना लघु चेतसाम् |
उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ||

The narrow minded people differentiate saying this is mine and this is not,
the wise people believe that this entire world is a single family

Indian culture is very rich and vast. It has inculcated in each one of us, great values and concepts ranging from Aham Brahmasmi to Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

We at DasaraLive strongly believe that the events and activities planned is working so well only because of the great help, support, contributions from various people across the globe.Even in these unprecedented times, people have joined hands without knowing each other just by virtual connects which is much appreciated.


The core of DasaraLive team included Darshan Doreswamy, Sanjana Shashidhar, Shashidhar Gurumurthy, Suresh Mangalam, Swarna Krishan and Veena Shridhar. They have been instrumental in execution of majority of the activities and the primary drivers for all the events of DasaraLive.

Everyone who has participated, motivated, guided, helped us are part of our DasaraLive eKutumba!

The DasaraLive team acknowledges, appreciates, recognizes and thanks all the eKutumba members!!

We have listed below, few people who have helped us in various means thus recreating the magic of Dasara online. However there are many more people who have helped us and we do acknowledge their contributions and appreciate their support.

Supporters & Promoters

Supporters & Promoters form the backbone of the eKutumba. We have volunteers who have helped us in creating contents, providing leads to many artists / artisans, and have owned responsibility of certain back end activities and also donated funds to run the show.

Aditya Lokeshraj

CEO, Avatar Studios

Anitha Nadig

Coach, Counsellor & Writer

Roopa Girish

Rangoli Specialist

Shweta Subramanian

Graphic Designer

Sivakrishna J

Technical Lead

Sujitha Addepalli

BTech 2nd Year Student

Artists & Artisans

Artists & Artisans supported us in a big way by spending their talent, effort and time in creating great performances and sharing with us. Their participation made our eKalaamandira show a big success for all the 10 days during Dasara. Some of them are our vendors of eJaathre portal.

Anagha Prasad

Professional Story Teller & Certified Yoga Trainer

Aparna S

Bharatanatyam and Classical music Artist.
Managing Chairman- Aradhana Institute of Performing Arts Trust (r)

K Mano


Ramesh C

Carnatic Classical & Light Music Vocalist

Samarth Rao

Silhouette Artist

Shreelakshmi Chandan

Carnatic Vocalist & Teacher